High Blood pressure has no symptoms - systolic reading of 160 mm HG or more, and a diastolic reading of 95 mm HG or more.

It is possible to reduce mild hypertension with exercise, dietary and smoking changes.

Aerobic exercise using large muscle groups in rhythmical activity is very appropriate. Activities such as:- walking, interval walking, jogging, stationary cycle. Resistance training on its own is not recommended as a means of decreasing blood pressure.

Recommendations for strength training:-

  • Low resistance and higher reps (15-20) for 3 sets
  • Avoid power or isometric work
  • Periodically monitor blood pressure
  • Decrease the load when working above shoulders
  • Avoid breath holding
  • Avoid incline sit up, decline bench type exercises that raise the feet above the head.
  • Employ 10 min warm up and cool down to allow more time to adapt to the physical stress.
  • Low intensity programmes are eithe more effective or as effective as high intensity programme.