Why employ a personal trainer?

“A personal trainer is not a luxury! What price do you put on having a better quality of life – having more stamina, energy, vitality, self-confidence.”

  • Do you want to kick-start to a healthy and energised new you?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable or perhaps a little intimidated in a gym or health club environment?
  • Do you want help in making a real and lasting positive change to your lifestyle, one that you can carry forward with you for the rest of your life.
  • Do you suffer from poor self-image, from being overweight or underweight?
  • Do you embark on an exercise programme, but quickly lose interest when you don’t see results?

What can you expect?

  • INSPIRATION To get started
  • MOTIVATION To stick with it and reach your goals
  • EXPERIENCE Up-to-date fitness techniques and advice
  • ACCOUNTABILITY I’ll make sure you stay on track even if you think you’re ready to quit!
  • SUPPORT 24/7 24/7 support – phone/e-mail if necessary to keep you focused.
  • INDIVIDUAL Programmes designed to meet your needs, challenge your ability, tailored to your lifestyle.

Your schedule will be tailored to suit your current fitness level, likes and dislikes and goals. You won’t have to do anything you absolutely detest! The idea is to make it enjoyable and fun.

Unlike a gym or healthclub, you receive 100% attention for the whole of your session. I want to see you achieve results, so will push and encourage you just that little bit more.