As a rather tired, lazy and overweight middle aged lady, I decided that enough was enough and I must do something about regaining my fitness. I enlisted Anne's expertise and I've not looked back. I could not run for a bus when I started but now I'm running 3 miles three times a week. I'm motivated, full of energy, healthy and enjoying life again. Anne is supportive and really works at helping you to achieve your goals. I've lost weight and inches but the real plus is the increased fitness. I've still got a long way to go but with Anne's help I know I can do it.


Anne is my personal fitness trainer, and that statement in itself reveals an awful lot about how good Anne is. I find it really difficult to sustain anything, particularly something as challenging as fitness training for very long so it takes a very special trainer to keep me focused, and Anne has managed to do just that.

She combines exactly the right level of seriousness with humour and good natured support that I need In fact fitness training with Anne is sometimes even a pleasure, if pleasure and wearily pounding a treadmill are two concepts that can ever be combined.

Anne knows her stuff, and she knows me so she's devised a programme just for me that is enabling me to achieve my personal fitness goals. I feel stronger, fitter and more positive than I have in a long while, and I'm beginning to lose weight, and it's all down to Anne and her level of knowledge and expertise. I know I don't have the will power to 'go it alone' but with Anne by my side I know I can succeed.


I was working towards not looking a disgrace on the beach for our holiday with the spin off benefits of a better figure and healthier approach to food and life afterwards. We achieved all that. And I had something else I had not anticipated as well... great fun! It really was terrific to see how week and week, my fitness levels improved and how the picture I had of myself in my head had to be re-adjusted to someone who now relished exercise! I can really recommend Anne and her total approach... far, far better than any faddy diet or "quick fix" as her lessons last for life.


Anne got me back into exercise after having 2 children and made me realise that taking time for myself helps us all in the long run as I have more energy for the family and feel fitter and happier